• Official Competition at IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam), 2012
  • National Film Board of Canada Best Short Documentary, 2012 
  • Golden Sheaf Award for Best Documentary, Yorkton International Film Festival
  • Best Documentary, Reel World Film Festival​
  • Audience Award, Dawson International Short Film Festival
  • Best Documentary, New York International Film & Video Festiva

"A sensitive and important record of a unique place and the powerful history it contains."
                                                                                                                                Atom Egoyan

“...a beautifully crafted film that brilliantly weaves the many layers ... from memory and history to the present and reality; in impressionistic lyricism… it is a personal and a political documentary that should be seen by anyone interested in the consequences of ethnic violence.”                                  
                                                                                                                              Marc Glassman

On the Damascus Road in Lebanon’s beautiful Bekaa Valley, an Armenian man with late-stage Parkinson’s takes one last journey.

This impressionistic film is a journey into the mind and life of a man with a crippling disease. In addition to the tremors and shakes, Barkev suffers from the lesser known ‘monster’ of Parkinson’s, the relentless hallucinations that swing him back and forth between time and space.



A journey into the unexplored sexual world of the veiled women of Damascus Syria as they shop for lingerie in a public market.

MANUFACTURED LANDSCAPES           Production Manager 

Feature documentary exploring the narrative line found within the photography of renowned artist Edward Burtynsky

A machine maker and an amateur cosmologist, Barkev can no longer speak. Yet through his journals, his machines, and powerful imagery with music, the film travels both physically and metaphorically into the past and the future of both the man and his country Lebanon, a country debilitated by sectarian division, not unlike Barkev’s diseased body, left a shell of its former self, dwelling on the past, unable to imagine its own future.

CODE GREEN                                    Director, Ontario episodes
(2006) TV half hour x 3 eps, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 

Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the world’s first environmental home-makeover challenge TV series.

HEROES of THE MOUNTAIN                 Writer, Director, Producer

Choreographed to stunning original music recordings, HEROES OF THE MOUNTAIN is a 19-minute photo-essay. A photographic montage of over 500 stills, portraits, archival photographs, CGI images and digital video images choreographed to breathtaking musical movements that tells one hundred years of the history of the heroic people of Musa Dagh. 

DREAMS OF EDUCATION                     Writer, Director
Commissioned by The National Film Board of Canada.

A documentary about the challenges high school students face in their pursuit for higher education. 



In 1979, at the peak of the Lebanese Civil War, a young Armenian girl’s life in a small village becomes forever linked to a group of 1915 genocide survivors.

SEX + RELIGION                                  Writer, Director- one episode
(2010) TV half hour, Vision television

Commissioned by Vision Television in Ontario, a 13xhalf-hour series about how sex and religion co-exist and how sex fits into the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.



THE HEROES OF MUSA DAGH           Writer, Director, Producer
(2006) TV hour, OMNI television  

Commissioned by OMNI Television. A Television one-hour documentary in Armenian language about the history of the Musa Dagh people.


Trailer 23 Kilometres
  • Docudays Film Festival, Beirut Lebanon
  • AFMA Film festival, LA, USA
  • ARPA Festival, CA, USA
  • MESA Film Festival, Arizona, USA 
  • MED Film Festival, Rome, Italy
  • Official Competition Karlovy Vary IFF 2015, Czech Republic
  • Official Competition Dubai International Film Festival 2015, UAE
  • Official Selection Munich International Film Festival 2016, Germany